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We control our entire production process through a single computer network system. This network covers each one of our production stages, including ordering, shipping, office work, and management of the number of fish and shellfish in our fish pools.

Our system was developed privately ten years ago, making it a pioneer in this field of business. We have since improved its function and dependability with several series of upgrades. The basic functions of the system are to manage detailed customer orders and to control the complete production process from fish processing to shipping. Another aim is the quick shipment of high-quality products created in line with our thorough safety measures. Furthermore, with the installation of this system, we automated our processing line, which enabled us to process fillets to meet greater demand. One of the characteristics of this line is the ability to process a greater amount of fillets made from fish by size both precisely and quickly. Use of this automated system has also contributed to our thorough safety and hygienic measures, since we are largely able to complete production without human hands coming into contact with the fish.

system chart