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2019Concluded a sponsorship agreement with Bejoy Group and new president Takeuchi Tomofumi was appointed.
2018The BRC certificate issued.
2012Achieved the 18,000 pieces of fish per day for the maximum.
2009Introduced fish lift for fish pen, automatic fish head cutter, automatic gutting machine and automatic fish carrying waterway.
2006Listed FDA Import Alert Green list.
2005Opened quality sushi shop “Sushi Suigun”.
2004EU HACCP certified and started to shipment to the EU Market.
2003Morimatsu Suisan Co., Ltd. merged Rumi Japan Co., Ltd., and established Morimatsu Suisan Reito Co., Ltd.
2002Started the facility updating in order to apply for EU HACCP.
2000The HACCP certificate was issued.
1999The processing factory was renovated and sanitary facilities were installed in order to acquire HACCP certificate.
1997Finished the installation of farmed fish tanks in the new processing factory.
1996The factory was expanded to 3,300 square meters.
1995Achieved the highest record of processing more than 13,000 pieces of fish per day by the introduction of various automatic machines.
1993The processing factory with Headquarter office was built next to the 500t freezer.
1991The founder retired and new president Morimatsu Satoshi was appointed. The organization structure was then changed. The main office expanded, and a new factory was built. Started sales of Yellowtail fillet and Seabream to the Hokkaido wholesale Market.
1987Rumi Japan Co., Ltd. was incorporated and started imports of frozen seafood, live fish for fish farm and fish feed. Installed a 500t freezer on 1,650 square meters of company land in order to strengthen frozen products sales to local wholesalers and retailers.
1985A computer system was installed in order to rationalize the factory work process and to simplify the clerical work.
1984The Morimatsu Shoten was incorporated as the Morimatsu Suisan Co., Ltd.
1978Started farming Seabream to expand the farmed fish product line.
1976Built a new facility for office and marketplace, in order to increase sales and purchasing power in local market. Started the Frozen seafood business.
1967The Morimatsu Shoten was registered as a wholesale broker at the Matsuyama Central wholesale market.