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Processing Performance

(per day)
Yellowtail and Amberjack Fillet 13,000
Yellowtail and Amberjack Round 3,000
Seabream Fillet 3,000
Ice-making capacity 21t (6t and 15t one)

Various Machine and Equipment

(per hour)
Computer-controlled selection and restoring machines 2,000
Cutting-line (Head-cutter and water cleaning) 1,200
Slicers (Sliced into three pieces) 2,000
Pillow-pack seal 600
Labelling and packing machine
(including automate ice-putting machines
taping machines stacking transport machines)

Fish Preserve

We own fish pools in Omishima and Imabari bays, which enable us to respond to sudden orders

In terms of cultured fish, we own fish pools with twenty 10m (= 32. 8ft.) small tanks in Omishima and fifteen 5m (= 16.4ft.) small tanks in Imabari bay.