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What is Rumi Original Hamachi?

One of Japan's largest feed manufacturers, a member of our business alliance, has collaborated with us to develop a mixed feed that prevents the blood-saturated portions of the fish from succumbing to oxidation and color deterioration. Yellowtail brought up on this EP (Extruder Pellet) is known as "Rumi Original Hamachi".

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Green tea catechin has become synonymous with health food. EP was primarily developed with green tea catechin. EP contains a synergistic blend of green tea catechin, polyphenol, and a vitamin found in kelp powder. Compounding this mixture of ingredients into the feed results in the prevention of oxidation and color deterioration, and enhances the quality of the meat.

Rumi Original Hamachi

How does EP work?

Green tea catechin as an anti-oxidant metabolite prevents oxidation
from happening inside the fish. As a result, the color and texture of
the fish meat stays the same for 36 hours after processing.
In addition, the taste is smooth and the product lacks the peculiar
smell that farmed fish commonly have.



Rumi Original Hamachi NO Rumi Original Hamachi