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Japanese Sea Bass Round

Japanese Sea Bass Round


The adult Japanese sea bass is orange grey with no eye-catching spots, but some young ones do feature black spots on their backs. The Japanese sea bass is carnivorous and loves to eat live bait, especially small fish such as mackerel and true sardine. Rare, high-grade sea bass is caught during its peak in the summer months. Due to its combination of fat and mild fish meat, it can be enjoyed in various types of dishes, including soups, broiled dishes, and the assorted sashimi boat.


FeaturesWhole fish. The freshness of this product is ensured through the use of ikijime and one-by-one removal of the nerves.
Scientific NameLateolabrax japonicus
Production PeriodAll year round
Preservation MethodChilled
OriginEhime, Tokushima, Oita, Kagoshima
Marketing RouteWholesale markets, Merchandising stores, Restaurants, Overseas (USA, Middle East, and Asia)
UseSashimi, Sushi, Carpaccio etc