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Flounder Loin

Flounder Loin


It is said that a flatfish with its eyes on the left is a "flounder," while one with its eyes on the right is a "right-eyed flounder." There are probably very few people who can distinguish between a small flounder and a marbled flounder. Flounder has a wider mouth than right-eyed flounder and has a thicker body. Flounder can be 80cm to 1m (2.6 ft. to 3.2 ft.) long. It has an enormous appetite and eats small fish, squid, and shellfish. Its peak season is from fall till winter. “Cold flounder” in particular tastes the best. The flounder’s back and tail fins are called engawa (veranda-like porch) and are especially prized.


FeaturesLoin (quarter size of fish). No skin or bone.
StandardsAround 0.5 kg/pc
Scientific NameParalichthys olivaceus
Number of Quantity5pcs/box, 10pcs/box
Production PeriodAll year round
Preservation MethodMust be kept below –4°F (–20℃), until the package is opened. (Frozen)
Shelf LifeA year
Marketing RouteWholesale markets, Merchadising store, Restaurants, Overseas(USA, Middle East, and Asia)
UseSashimi, Sushi, and Carpaccio etc.