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What is the "Traceability System"?

The confidence that we have in our entire staff and in our processing system is reflected in our traceability system, which allows the customer access to all possible information on all of our products at every stage of production, from the sources of our fish to the shipping process.
The combination of the words “Trace” and “Ability” means that we can fully track every stage that each of our products has gone through during production, so that our customers can have verifiable confidence in the products that they eat from our factory.
Our traceability system is a recording system that monitors the flow of all products through our system and the procurement process. The system that we have developed allows our customers to follow and fully understand both the production of our raw materials and the environment from which they come, including information on aquaculture practices such as our choice of feed and the administration of farms. It is our goal that our traceability system will bring full transparency to the production of the food that you feed to your children.

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