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Recommended Winter Products Top 20 catch ranking of the local products
Akase’s Haiku

Recommended Winter Products

Pike conger is a large carnivorous fish which lives off shore. It is the natural fish from Kurushima and ranked second next to cutlass fish in Imabari last month. Kurushima Kaikyo (channel), located in the center of Setouchi-sea is one of three major tidal streams in Japan and its current speed sometimes reaches 10 knots! This strong tide and clear sea water is an ideal fishing ground and the high-quality pike congers caught in this area is very fresh and delicious.
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Local fish catch - The top 20! Top 20 catch ranking of the local products  (October 20, 2012)
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Akase's Haiku Winter sea, one cannot see the load lifted by a crane.
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