VR 和食人


VR WASYOKUNIN use the internet accessible from anywhere in the world

VR content to train craftsmen with immediate fighting strength.

By using VR technology it becomes a craftsman's perspective and you can learn skills sensuously. In addition, we aim to spread Japanese cuisine all over the world by having you know the charm and knowledge of Japanese food.


Because it targets those who enjoy sushi mainly as a hobby

We aimed to act on familiar people

It consists mainly of acquiring skills and knowledge.


Learn the basics of action

How to grip sushi, how to wind a scroll etc.


Learn ingredients

How to judge fish, knowledge of fish, etc.


Learn Japanese recipes

Reveal recipe for WASYOKUNIN direct


Learn Japanese food chef's skills

Stick, decorate, select dishes, etc.



Born on June 10, Showa 57. I am from Ehime prefecture. I used to like cooking from a young age, and he was a child to judge fish etc. I graduate from Ehime cooking confectionery vocational school and go to the cooker's way. As a proud product, premium grilled sashimi and grip. Your smile is the most pleasing. I want to produce a special feeling that I can not taste at home.

The sushi military is a real sushi shop directly operated by a fishery company. Besides the fresh seafood that is gathered in the local Kurushima Strait, such as wild vegetables that can enjoy the taste of each season, the production that cherished the sense of the season has become a major feature of our shop. Also, "Premiere Brush" purchased directly from a fish farm is also a gem that I would like to recommend. "Premiaburi" combines catechin contained in green tea and fucoidan contained in kelp to feed and cultivates it. There is taste and there is no smell peculiar to brush. The special feeling held by sushi craftsmen in front of you is also one of enjoyment. We are waiting for the production which can not be enjoyed at home.

Sushi Suigun in Imabari

Ehime prefecture Imabari shi Tempozan cho 5 - chome 2-20 TEL: 81-898 - 22 - 8788

Sushi Suigun in Matsuyama

Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City Tarumizu 4-13-6 TEL: 81-89-945-0282

Provision of ingredients

Seto Inland Sea

Morimatsu Suisan Reito Co.,Ltd is located in Imabari facing the Kurushima Strait located in the center of the Seto Inland Sea. The Kurushima Strait is one of the three major Japanese tides, and the tide speed can reach up to 10 knots, and this intense tide and clear tide water provide a great fishing ground.

As Imperial of a privileged fishing ground environment, as a marine products wholesale, as a fishery processing manufacturer, the safe products managed by HACCP are shipped not only throughout Japan but also throughout the United States, Asia and Europe with the "Rumi Japan" brand doing.

The motto is to create safe and secure things that children can feed. It is to deliver it to the dining table of everyone in Japan and the world. Based on the internationalization of healthy Japanese food, I would like to spread the Japanese food culture that is proud of the world.

Morimatsu Suisan Reito Co.,Ltd

Ehime prefecture Imabari shi Tempozan cho 5 - chome 2-20 TEL: 81-898 - 33 - 1772

Global Seafood Market



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